Tennis is a great sport that requires skill and calmness to win over your opponent. Your hands mainly do a significant job where you hit the shot that can further become your masterstroke and winning point. Blisters are a common thing for athletes as while practicing, and they do get some of them.

However, blisters cause hardships for the tennis player to play the game properly as small blisters are painful and annoy a lot. Let us look into ways of preventing tennis blisters on female hands for better gameplay.

Preventing blisters!

If you are an athlete, then you surely need to get used to the small blisters as it cannot be eradicated completely if you are practicing them on a daily basis. It is essential to focus on precautions, along with practicing.

To prevent your hands from blisters, you need to use protective gloves that can prevent your hair from friction up to some extent allowing you to have easier gameplay. Another practice is to pick the correct grip size is imperative and grips. Additionally, changing your hand grip more often would be proven really helpful, evidently preventing pressure on a single hand. Stay cautious from the sweat and fluids as these are responsible for blisters.

female hands

Treatments for blisters!

Regular practice of the sport, it would surely contribute to blister so for temporary treatment that is using bandages where you feel the most of friction. It is better not to pop the blister as it can add to the risk of infection surely. However, if blisters bursts on itself, then skin over it shouldn’t be taken off as it protects blister surely. In adverse situations consulting a doctor would be helpful for stopping getting blisters on female hands and getting rid of trouble-causing blisters.